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Baby Rush – Prenatal Education and Support

Breastfeeding 1-on-1 support (private)

Emotional support regarding pregnancy or parenting (private)

You are a Mama!

Pre and Postnatal Workshops

Hillery Taylor is Nest’s founder and owner/operator. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing from The University of Manitoba in 2006 when she specialized in the area of low and high-risk obstetrics. Immediately following graduation, she began her career in the hospital setting, working in the maternal-child field. She is trained to assist women with low and high-risk pregnancies, labours and deliveries, postpartum low and high-risk care, and newborn care. Hillery is also trained in breastfeeding assistance and support, and is hugely passionate about this area of nursing as well. 

Hillery’s first entry into business is Baby Rush – Prenatal Education and Support Inc., which she opened in 2008. She created this business to allow her to provide more holistic care to families outside of the hospital setting. She offers group and private services for expectant families and teaches on the full spectrum of pregnancy through to postpartum. Hillery prides herself on being an advocate and support for her clients and her patients in the community and hospital settings. 

Hillery’s third phase of her nursing career was opening Nest Family Centre & Store in central Winnipeg in 2012. The centre had to close its doors after celebrating its 10th anniversary in March 2022, transitioning Nest into another chapter the same year.


Nest now offers a combination of virtual and in-home pre and postnatal health services and education, as well as a fabulous online store. Hillery wants to continue to support families from pregnancy and beyond, with the best support and products we can offer.


Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Joleen Dilk Salyn is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Baby Sleep 101. She helps tired parents get their children (0-5 years) on quality sleep routines by working with the science of sleep and healthy sleep best practices. She is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and in addition to her certification as a sleep consultant, also holds a Bachelor of Education, and Post Baccalaureate in Education. Joleen is also a mother to two wonderful children.


Registered Nurse, RN M.Ed

Heart Health was created in 1998 to meet the needs of the community. As an emergency room nurse, I have seen firsthand the impact that First Aid and CPR can have on the life of a patient. Bystanders like family members, babysitters, teachers, in fact EVERYONE, have the power to increase survival rates for those experiencing medical emergencies. Since 1998 Heart Health has facilitated classes and certified and registered thousands of participants through the Canadian Red Cross and Heart & Stroke Foundation in Manitoba and across North America. I have been a nurse for nearly 20 years. This amazing career has taken me around the world as a travel nurse, flight nurse, and even a cruise-ship nurse! I am currently employed in 2 clinical positions: St. Boniface ER (where I started my career) and as a travel nurse (Northern Manitoba) with a local nursing agency, and teach Pharmacology at Red River College.


Child Behaviour, Development & Sleep Support

Educator, Mama and Lover of Feel-Good Moments.

I’m a child development, sleep and behaviour specialist, and parent coach for frustrated Moms and Dads. The support I provide is not about fixing you or your child. This is a space for you to learn about, and feel confident in the intentional parenting choices you’re making for your family.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re fighting again the unrelenting pressure of that daily grind, and the pressure to parent a certain way because it’s how we were raised. But what happens when that approach just doesn’t feel right? It can be overwhelming and leave us feeling disconnected from our kids.

If you’re looking for support to build a connected, responsive relationship with your child, you’re in the right place.

No matter what part of parenting journey you’re on, I’m here to help you parent in a way that meets your child’s needs and leaves you feeling good.

And the best part? It’s never too late to begin.