Nest Pre & Postnatal Services

When you choose to sign up for any of Nest’s services, you will find information that will be unbiased; we will always encourage families to make their own decisions for themselves. Health and a person’s sense of wellbeing is personal. Our goal is to provide evidence-based knowledge and power for the purpose of promoting wellbeing for everybody, from all backgrounds, with all experience levels, respecting all the lovely differences that make people unique.

When I was in university, studying to become an obstetrics nurse, I dreamed of providing a place where I could promote wellbeing and practice preventative health management. This dream was fueled by the idea that health promotion begins with empowering ourselves to take charge of our own lives through education and support. When I officially began my nursing career, I saw how important education and the sense of a support network are to people’s outlook and actual health.

Creating Nest had been a dream of mine for over ten years, and I feel incredibly fortunate that my dream started to become a reality with opening my first prenatal education business in 2008. Over the years, while gaining experience both in and out of the hospital and community, my dream grew until I came to a place where my family centre could be born. I opened Nest Family Centre in 2012 and ran it with every ounce that I had, while also growing three of my own babies. It was a TRUE labour of love. After 10 years on Stafford St, it was time to let the space go and focus on yet another era of nursing in Winnipeg. Nest now provides both online and in-home perinatal services, and has enhanced our offerings even further.

I will continue to strive every day to promote a sense of pride and ownership of one’s body and mind. Dealing with health struggles myself has taught me many lessons on how to maintain my true self while being a “patient” and being the very best nurse that I can be. After having three amazing children, and growing through life’s experiences, I believe that I have grown into a stronger woman. I want every woman to understand how strong we truly are, and to appreciate our own power. I have also learned that even the strongest of the strong need to feel supported and that with support, we can exceed expectations and truly soar.

I would love to help promote and encourage you to grow to amaze yourself with how high you can fly. I look forward to watching it all. Thank you for giving me the honour to be a part of this.