What They Say…

Don’t get me wrong, baby swings and white noise machines are pretty awesome and useful, but hands down the best present that you can give yourself as a parent to be or to anyone else who is expecting is the gift of Hillery’s education classes or in-home services. As a registered nurse she comes with a wealth of experience and expertise. My husband and I learned so much essential and handy information from her, both before and after baby came!

Even though this knowledge was invaluably helpful on so many occasions, I believe that the most beneficial part of enlisting Hillery’s services is her truly kind and understanding personality. Her caring manner makes you feel that you can truly share or ask her anything without any judgment. All interactions with her are relaxed and comfortable; like talking to a super smart, longtime friend. And when you confide in her, it feels like she genuinely sympathizes with you on a deep level which is so meaningful especially since many medical professionals can be dismissive of parental worries or be polite without actually caring. Feeling heard, really and truly heard, during the emotional and vulnerable perinatal stages is priceless; as is knowing that you have this awesome, incredible human and expert in your corner and on your team!

Hillery’s prenatal education classes can make you feel excited and empowered to deliver your baby. Holding the classes virtually makes it super convenient as you don’t have to waste your valuable time en route or rush to get there on time after a busy day. Her postpartum services are equally amazing! Each time she left our home after a visit I would feel such a tremendous weight lifted as she had listened to and addressed every one of my worries so that I felt significantly more calm and confident in my new role as a parent.

By singing her praises in conversations since meeting her, I have come to realize how Hillery has helped out so many people in Manitoba. It is wonderful to see everyone’s faces light up when they remember her, and to listen to their stories about how much she has helped them and how terrific she is! Her trusted advice and generous heart have been such a blessing to our new little family! We will be forever grateful to have had her guidance and support on our journey!

Sheila G.


Your postpartum service was the best gift I’ve given myself during the most vulnerable period of my life. I knew I would be needing help and I had wanted that help to come from someone knowledgeable and passionate about mom and baby’s health and wellbeing. You’ve taught me and my husband how to care for our newborn and you’ve listened to me when I was so emotional and made me feel heard. You’ve also looked for things we needed help on that me and my husband had not thought of. You’ve made us feel confident in caring for our newborn and had lessened our stress of not knowing what to do with a baby. Sure, we can find answers online but that would’ve been too stressful as we didn’t have the time and energy to do it postpartum, plus I like having personalized care. Postpartum was hard and I’m thankful that I’ve reached out to you and found the help we needed. Thank you so much, Hillery! 

Nikki G.


I was referred to Hillery from a friend when I was first pregnant to take her “what to expect class”. I traveled alot for work so my husband ended up making more of the classes than I did but she was always there to answer questions and gave me so much reading material so I felt more prepared. I remember thinking how passionate she is about babies and parents and pregnancy and she always just made me feel.. better!

Fast forward two years for our second baby and I saw Hillery had the nursing support at your own home. I frequented The Nest both when it was in store and online, took numerous other classes she offered and dm’d her constantly with my baby questions but she offered a service, AT MY HOUSE?! I was over the moon. To say her visits changed my parenting experience is an understatement. My daughter was born early 2020 when the world shut down, we felt so alone and it was beyond tough. Having someone that I trusted to come and help me with breastfeeding, burping, baby wearing, everything was a game changer. Even as second time parents I felt there was so much I needed help with. I always felt so much better after her visits and my husband raved about how much we wish we had this opportunity with our first. We can truly say we are happier, more confident parents with the help of Hillery and it’s the first thing I tell my pregnant mom friends to do – you gotta call Hillery.

The Turners


I took your class for first time parents and it was insanely helpful. We learned things that no book could tell you and could ask questions on the spot. It also helped for my husband to hear things from someone else other than me. Can’t thank you enough!!! Definitely recommend this class!

Carisa S.


I attended both your Baby Rush classes and Labour Support Workshop and absolutely loved them both. They were so informative in a very safe environment. I am no wallflower but sometimes in a medical setting it is hard not to be intimidated. I sincerely felt so empowered to speak up and advocate for myself based on your encouragement. Honestly, I don’t think either of my pregnancies/labours would have gone the way that they did if I hadn’t taken your classes and had your guidance.

10/10 highly recommend!! I always suggest Nest to newly pregnant parents.

Suzanne P.


I am not a reader, and so when preparing for baby I found Hillery’s classes/workshops and so happy and thankful I did! I too the pre-natal classes and Labour Support Workshop with my husband, as well as the Breastfeeding Workshop and the infant sleep workshop before baby arrived. I then took the “You are a Mama” classes the month post partum. Many of my friend’s think becoming a mother came naturally to me, and for some aspects it did. However, I strongly cred Hillery’s courses/workshops for preparing me for the possible outcomes of labour, how to be your own advocate, and just overall what to realistically expect in labour, postpartum and caring for a newborn. In the breastfeeding workshop, she provided the basics on how to breastfeed but most importantly gave advice on what scenarios you should seek help from a lactation consultant and what help is out there. I make a point of reaching out to all my expectant friends and recommend her classes.

Katrina J.


The Baby Rush class with Hillery was recommend as the best prenatal class by my doctor and it did not disappoint. I went into the class with a very negative, fearful view on labour and left feeling empowered. I loved the way Hillery framed labour and contractions, and all the helpful tips. Even though I didn’t know what my exact experience would be, I felt that I knew what I needed to know to make decisions related to labour and the delivery of my little one. At her suggestion, I rented the TENS Machine and found it useful for providing something to focus on during the more intense parts of labour.

I have recommended this class to multiple people and will continue to do so!



Nest family centre helped support us with our first baby! At the recommendation of a friend, we took the prenatal class and the labour support class that Hillery, the owner, taught which both helped put our mind at ease by informing us on what to expect the day of labour, things we can do ahead of time to prepare for delivery, as well as post-partum care. We loved the class so much that we purchased private post-partum visits with Hillery and it was worth every penny. She listened, answered all of our questions, checked over our little one, took weight and measurements, provided tips and offered resources. The support and care received is hard to put into words and we very much looked forward to her visits. Hillery is wonderfully skilled at what she does, is extremely knowledgeable and educated, trust worthy and has a kind, caring heart. I highly recommend parents take some of the courses that Nest offers (new parents or parents that need a refresh) or booking private postpartum visits in the comfort of your own home. Thanks Hillery/Nest! We are forever grateful!

The Greys


Hillery and Nest have been one of the most crucial supports for my family since taking the Baby Rush series four years ago with my first pregnancy. The knowledge and empowerment was crucial in getting through labour in ways neither a busy OB nor a book could have prepared me. Hillery has also been there for me through two postpartum periods and I am forever grateful for her personal and professional support.

Annika F.


“We booked private pre-natal classes with Hillery in our home and it was the best money we spent in preparation for our first baby.

Hillery is a wealth of knowledge and made both my husband and I feel comfortable and confident for what to expect from labour and delivery, to bringing baby home and diapers.

She took the time customize the material to what was important to us, and to answer all of our questions. When it came to my labour and delivery, we felt prepared and calm, which we attribute to the education and time spent with Hillery.  

Would highly recommend Hillery for one on one pre-natal classes, for a great experience, especially for first time parents.”

M & J


Absolutely loved the Baby Rush course at Nest with Hillery! She is a great source of information to all things birth and baby! I felt empowered and prepared for birth and breastfeeding. I also benefitted from her feeding support group in the early weeks with my firstborn. When I was pregnant with my second, I pulled out my notebook from Baby Rush and read through all the notes I took during her class. Again, felt so empowered for another birth and another baby. I tell every expectant mother about her classes and services as I am not sure you could find a better source of information, encouragement and guidance for birth and early postpartum.

Katelyn M.


Thankful for all that you offered, from Baby Rush to play groups, sleeping workshops and the paint night. You really helped me when you checked my daughter for a tongue tie and some skills to help nurse her. Thank you for the help you gave me and to all the other mama bears.



Your Baby Rush class was a home away from home for us, thank you for such a warm community you created for expectant parents~

Kel A.


Thank you so much for offering us “pandemic mamas” a safe place to talk, share, ask questions, as we grow into motherhood and navigate this pandemic. You validate my/our feelings every week and give so selflessly of your time (which I know is being stretched so so thin these days). I look forward to the chats more than you’ll know! None of us imagined a maternity leave looking like this but pivoting and shifting your classes to ZOOM, you are giving us some normalcy in all the chaos. So from the bottom of my hearth THANK YOU so much for ALL that you do!



Hillery helped me find my voice as a first time mom, helped me meet other moms, and gave me something to look forward to when I welcomed a baby during Covid. Grateful for you, and your business.

Paige R.


Nest has been my go-to for local support, Mama and kiddo gear cuteness (and quality!) every since becoming a Mom. We took Hillery’s Baby Rush series before having our first and it was so helpful both in bonding us as parents and preparing us for the birth and beyond! Service is personable, fast, and so satisfying to support local! It’s really hard to resist all the amazing products when shopping there!

Allison S.


Nest was one of the best things that ever could have ever happened to me in my journey to parenthood. The Baby Rush series helped prepare us for labour and delivery and made me feel so much more prepared. Hillery has so much knowledge and was so relatable as she was in throws of early parenthood herself. I so appreciated her ability to share her experiences and be ‘real’ with our group. After our little came, I never would have survived my mat leave, nursing, or recognizing that I needed to seek help for my mental health issues without the breastfeeding support and Mama series. The community that she and the rest of her team at Nest have created beyond that has also helped me survive toddlerhood. The shop has great products and she and her staff are always so welcoming. If you choose Nest to be a part of your parenthood experience, you won’t regret it. I tell everyone I know that is expecting that it is a MUST to come check Nest out.

Ashleigh W.


We knew while taking part in the Baby Rush series that it was fantastic, but we didn’t know how truly amazing it was until we went through the labour/delivery and were then able to later reflect back on the experience. The amount of times my husband said “remember what Hillery said/showed us”, he said he feels like he would have been lost through the process had we not taken the series – something we cannot ever thank you enough for! I feel like my experience wouldn’t have been the same without having your voice in my head. Your positivity and energy about your own birth experiences stuck with me too – and when people ask me about my experience I respond in a similar way. I am so proud of myself, and feel like I had an amazing experience that I would do over a million times. Thank you thank you thank you. We encourage everyone we know to take your series.



I recommend absolutely everything!!! The staff are great and very knowledgeable and the products are amazing!!!!

Danielle N.


Baby Rush was the most amazing course to take. Hillary is so full of information. The store is super cute with lots of different products to choose from. My favorite store!!

Kayla M.


Aside from the store being full of unique and local baby finds, Hillery is just amazing. I can’t say enough good things about her non-judgmental and inspiring prenatal series. My husband and I recently finished Baby Rush with Newborn Care, where she stripped away any fears/doubts and replaced them with a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to feel confident, excited and so ready for what’s to come. I’ve never trusted my body more!

Tracy V.


Best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy was to take the Baby Rush series. My husband and I learned so much and it lead me to other amazing ways to look after myself, and I made great mom friends! Now I’m loving the I’m a mommy now series! The staff here is amazing, so friendly and knowledgeable. Best place in Winnipeg for pregnant ladies and new moms!!!

Kimberly H


Labour support workshop was amazing tonight! Thank you Hilary for being such a great instructor and fitting so much information into an hour! We both feel more confident in ways to get through those contractions! Thank you

Alicia Alphonso-Larocque


The baby rush workshop really helped to ease my anxiety about labor. Hilary was amazing and very knowledgeable. I hope to take more workshops in the future.

Hannah Elizabeth


My husband and I took the Baby Rush course with Hilary and were so thankful for all the information we received, especially when it came time for labour! We had our baby girl three weeks ago and the delivery was a perfect experience for mom, dad and baby because we were fully prepared for all outcomes. I would recommend this course to any new parents!

Thank you so much!!

Allison Bee


Amazing store with the absolute best customer service! I’ve ordered online twice now and received both my orders within two days with hand written thank you notes.

Roxanne Kroeker


I was a clueless dad-to-be, until I attended the baby rush class. It gave me the confidence I needed to help my wife with childbirth. I may not have remembered every single detail presented in class but the whole experience was empowering. Glad to have taken it because it prepared us on what to expect at the Birth Centre and at Women’s.

Jeffrey David


This place is amazing! So many great things I don’t know where to start! Great classes, free drop ins, so much usefulness! Plus amazing products you will need for your baby and toddler years!

Cori-Lee Roberts


Whenever my baby and I leave Nest I always leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling.. I love the classes and the store has the best finds my baby Brooklyn loves it here to. Thankful to have Nest great place for families and wonderful support for moms.

Jenny V Young


We took the baby rush class and it was the best decision ever. It helped me know when my water broke and make decisions at the delivery. Hilary is just amazing all her tips were in my head as I delivered early at 35 weeks it helped me be so calm and relaxed. No books or articles gave same info and that class probably saved my baby from getting infections and possible complications. Highly recommended to all parents

Sahar Najm


A wonderful place where I have met so many lovely Mamas! The classes are great, the store has so many super cute and useful items and Hillary and her team are awesome! Nest family centre offers so much to parents and families in Winnipeg not the least of which a supportive and inviting community where parents and children can learn and grow together!

Katie Jane


Love it!

Great classes, VERY informative and interesting. I’m SO glad I signed up for our prenatal course here; Hillery is so passionate about her business and prenatal/postnatal classes. Would recommend to all friends with babies or babies on the way.

Melissa Hitching


Love going to Nest! Such a great place to meet other mamas and purchase high quality products.

Jenn Kiziak


Love this place! I have met so many other great moms at the nest. I love all the classes and it has helped me though this crazy journey of becoming a mom!

Allison Rosenblat


Love everything about Nest Family Center from the exercise classes, to all the fantastic products, to the moral support and sense of community. Could not have survived my first year as a mom without them!

Katrina Saseniuck


This is a fantastic place for classes or shopping! They have tons of different classes, we have taken a great labour and birthing class from Hilary and also a private breastfeeding support one on one with her and it helped so much! They also have different items in store that you can’t find anywhere else! Love it!

Jennifer Byskal


I really appreciate the variety of classes, workshops and products the centre offers. I’m very happy to support local business, especially one that is so intuned to what families need. Thank you!!

Becki Kemara


Nest Family Centre has helped me become an empowered and confident first time mom. We first visited the Nest when my daughter was just two weeks old for help with breastfeeding. Hillery sat with my husband, baby and I while we discussed what we were struggling with. With her expert guidance and support we were able to overcome the many hurdles we were facing and master the art of breastfeeding.

Nest Family Centre offers great classes, which have helped in my post partum recovery, and getting back into shape. The instructors are motivating, give alternative exercises depending on you ability and are very flexible in changing up the activities if needed be, depending on the mood of the babies.

My family and I would not be thriving as were are today without Hillery’s support and knowledge. The “You are a Mama!”, and “You are a Mama Still!” classes have been a tremendous support. I can honestly say that without these classes my family would be in a very different place.

On top of all of this, Nest’s store had amazing products that have helped in my daughter’s development. From choosing and trying on the right carrier, to a baby toothbrush that helps to relieve her sore gums from teething, and gentle all natural wipes for her sensitive bum, Hillery brings in the best baby products out there.

Nest Family Centre had been like a second home for me and I can truly say that I am a life long “nester!”



We knew we wanted to take a prenatal class, but had a choice to make first. Her co-worker advisory committee of new-mothers was insisting on Nest Family Centre, while I was skeptical at the value Nest might hold over a free community center crash-course. As a not-yet-dad I knew the advice mum-to-be is hearing from 5 new mums at work held all 6 of her votes, so we signed-up.

I’m really glad we did, I enjoyed every session! Hillery has an extremely clear and entertaining tell-it-like-it-is way of teaching that allowed for a quick pace and really engaged my curiosity. I found the discussions fascinating and the atmosphere warm, friendly, and inviting. The reassuring guidance we received from Nest holds a value I’ll remember for years and recommend for any new parent.

Chris S.


After attending a regular city offered prenatal class with a pregnant friend I wanted something different. I looked up prenatal classes online and came across Baby Rush. I called Hillery to ask her a few questions and could tell over the phone that she absolutely LOVED her job as a nurse and just had a general urge to share her knowledge. My husband and I signed up for the 6 week prenatal class and about five minutes after the class started I realized how much better this class would be than any free city offered classes. I’ve quite often heard “Prenatal classes are useless” but this one definitely helped us. Hillery not only touched on every single question I had but also gave WAY MORE information that I ever could have imagined and was hysterical every single class. She’s very open-minded and comes across like a doula with her knowledge on some occasions. She had so many great tips on birthing positions, a few things to buy, and other things to avoid etc, etc, etc. Also the videos Hillery chose to show were informative and not scary. The classes went by insanely fast and it was fun shopping around Lux for Sprouts during breaks. Even after the class I had a few questions and she was absolutely great. She recommended a few services to help me with my pregnancy and to get me into labour. I just have the utmost respect for Hillery and can’t stress enough how she cares for pregnant women / babies and truly wants to do anything to make labour as enjoyable as it can be. I thought about Hillery a lot when I was in labour and was told my nurses/doctors regularly how calm I was and I didn’t get epidural until 40+ hrs of labour. Because of Hillery’s class, I knew that if I said no to drugs at one point, I would still have a very good chance of getting the epidural if I decided I needed it. She just gives you the confidence you need to get through one of the most memorable days of your life. Hillery also came to meet Hayden since she was working the day after I had him. My family even commented how fun she was and was very impressed with her. Hillery is just a breath of fresh air and I looked forward to class every week. Thanks for every thing Hillery… I’ll recommend you to every 1st time pregnant woman I know.

Leigh R.


Between the wonderful classes, and the breast feeding support group, not to mention all the new friends it has been a lifesaver in a time of life when support is needed.

Shara Dueck


I LOVE NEST!!!!  I came to nest when my baby was 6 weeks old and joined the “You are a Mama” Series.  I honestly don’t know where I would be today without Hillery, the support from Nest & other moms and all the love we have been given from the facility.  My baby is now 8 months old and I have joined You are a Mama & You are a Mama (Still) every month since my first time!!!  I have made some amazing friends, whom I believe I have built lifelong friendships with that I would have never otherwise met.  It’s so nice to know that your not alone, in the new feelings of mommy hood, (mama guilt) that I felt so many times, until discussing issues with the mama group.  I learned it’s OK to not be perfect, and that 1 mama can’t do everything!  I am so grateful for Hillery and everything that Nest has to offer!



Just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know we had our boys via emergency C-section. Thanks to you, we felt fully prepared and although we were surprised they were so early, we felt very confident in our abilities to cope and knew exactly what to expect step-by-step. Your help was invaluable and we are so grateful you were able to be part of the biggest day of our lives!! Both boys are doing well and we are home and just enjoying each other’s company. Thank you again for all your help, it made what could have been the scariest night of our lives into the most magical one.



I cannot sing the praises of Hillery or her Baby Rush program enough! My husband and I chose to go with her program and opted for the private classes after being referred by a friend and we were so glad we did! Hillery was passionate, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and gave me the confidence to trust my body. Her classes covered everything we needed to know and helped to eliminate a lot of the fear and uncertainty of labour. On top of providing very informative classes, Hillery has continued to be extremely supportive after the classes ended and has answered our many email questions to her! We really don’t know what we would’ve done without her wisdom and guidance. Thank you Hillery for your wonderful classes and for your continued support when we needed it! You’re amazing!

Joleen and Brad S.


We can’t thank Hillery enough. The prenatal classes we attended turned out to be a great benefit to both myself and my husband. They were very informative and had a personal touch, and provided us with more beneficial information than we both expected. My husband doesn’t handle medical things very well, but the classes really helped to prepare him for what was coming; and he was with me until the very end! For me, the classes helped prepare me for the upcoming changes in my pregnancy and what to expect before, during, and after. Because of these classes, we were well informed of all our options for the birth of our daughter and the labour/birthing process was a comfortable one that we were extremely happy with. Thanks again Hillery!

Amanda & Kory S.


My husband and I took the 6 week class that Hillery offers and it truly changed the way I felt about child birth – I finally felt educated! Hillery broke down things we read in books and made them real life for us, she has real life examples from her work and her experience. The best thing about Hillery is that you truly have a feeling of ‘someone in your corner’ – she’s never left one of my questions unanswered and has all the knowledge that you will need. Thanks again Hillery for making this such a wonderful experience!

Amanda and Brad T.


My husband and I could never thank you enough for all of the information you provided us in your classes. I am so happy we chose to use you and Baby Rush for our prenatal classes. We used everything you taught us to bring our baby boy into this world. My goal was to have our son born without the use of any drugs and with the help of your classes I was able to do that. Before taking your class I was incredibly nervous about having my baby but after our session together I felt 100% ready and more confident. We even had a nurse comment on how well informed we were and how well my husband and I worked together as a team and we owe that all to you!! We will also be forever grateful for your “drop by” visit after our little man was born to help me out with a breastfeeding session. Thank you again for everything!

Marlee S.


We really enjoyed your pre-natal program and wanted to share our good news with you. We had a great birthing experience at the Women’s Hospital. We made it through labor primarily sitting on a ball and using a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device for pain management. Your instruction really helped us to be excited about each stage of the labor and to know what to expect; we never felt like we were out of the loop. We are totally in love with our little man. Once again thank you.

Steve H.


I just wanted to say thank you once again for your class! It really helped me when I went into labour. Thanks again for everything! Labour was so much less stressful because of your class!!

April B


We used all the information we learned in our classes to get us through the delivery of our little girl Ava. Without those classes it would have been much harder. I would recommend prenatal classes to anyone, but even more so, I would recommend baby rush classes! Our instructor Hillery is passionate about bringing babies into the world. That passion is what enabled us to remember what to do at the time of delivery. We never panicked and it was our first delivery. Our baby is a Baby Rush baby!



My labour was long, and difficult. After deliberation between doctors, nurses and myself, we decided to go in for a c-section…. (at 30 hours in) I am sure this would have been extremely scary if I had not been informed from your class. It was a vey rough start, and I know that it would have been much worse if I had not come to the classes. Corey continued to remind me that things were normal and that we were told these things could happen. I remember learning that a birth plan always changes when its baby time, and we don’t get to decide how the labour will go, all we can do is focus on what we are doing it for. I thought of you when my nurse looked me in the eyes and said, “You can do this Carmyn. I need you to stay strong for your baby” Thank you for your help along the way. You had a bigger effect on us than you may think.



” My husband and I chose to attend Hillery’s class and were more than happy with all we learned and took away from her program. We really found it was important to take a prenatal class, because when the time comes you want to be as prepared as possible. Not knowing what is going on and what will be happening to you and your body through the labour and delivery can be a scarey thing and for a first time mom, a lot of unknowns. When my husband and I went to the hospital we knew exactly what was going to happen and what options were available to us. Hillery covered everything that could possibly happen to you from the time you start labour at home and knowing when to go to the hospital, what types of pain remedies you have to chose from, and what are good practices to use to help push little baby into the world. I really found everything I learned from Hillery to be current, and reletive to what happened to me throughout my pregnancy and what I went through at the hospital when I finally gave birth to my sweet angel.”

Nicole K.


The Baby Rush classes were great because it provided me with the knowledge to recognise the different stages of pregnancy and then the actual birthing process. As a man, I found that this understanding truly helped me to keep my cool as I watched my wife give birth to our first child. Knowing what to expect helped keep me focussed and present and therefore better able to help my wife. I am very grateful to Hillery and the Baby Rush classes!



Baby Rush definitely helped prepare us for the birth of our little girl. We had some complications during labor and delivery, but because Hillery taught us about all of the terms and procedures used, we were able to stay calm. We would whole-heartedly suggest taking these classes to prepare for whatever may happen during birth, especially if it is your first!

Cara & Justin C.


My wife suggested that we take this course together and I must admit that I was slightly hesitant at first. I wasn’t quite sure why we needed to take prenatal classes or how we’d benefit from them. After the very first class with Hillery, I realized we made a good decision and was glad we’d enrolled. Hillery taught us so much that I had no clue about before. With the knowledge we’ve gained, it will definitely reduce our stress and make our baby’s birth day a wonderful experience. What makes a course really good is the teacher. Hillery is a registered nurse that delivers babies for a living. What better teacher could we have hoped for? Also, I can honestly say that I have never met anyone more passionate about their work than Hillery. I hope that we will be lucky enough to have her deliver our baby when that special day comes. Guys, I strongly recommend taking this course. You and your wife will be glad you did.

Marshall K.


“Hillery’s classes are friendly, informative and inclusive covering a number of perspectives on childbirth and the early days of infant care. Most importantly, Hillery led and coached her participants to recognize the strength that each woman has, to gain confidence in that knowledge, and become empowered by it.”

Hilary O.


We were very satisfied with Hillery’s classes and would definitely recommend them to others. Hillery is very passionate about her job, and it shows. Her classes are well prepared and she is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, labour, delivery and the post-partum period. We enjoyed absorbing all the interesting pieces of information she had to share with us each class.

Christina & Marshall K


I am a person who is ultimately afraid of pain, blood and doctors – so having a baby not only frightened me, but it scared my mother who was my support person! So when we heard about Baby Rush – my mom signed me up right away. Hillery was very informative and was able to answer all our questions. She knew everything that I needed to – and I was able to conquer my fear (thanks to her) and deliver my bundle of joy naturally! I knew what was going on, and how to do what I needed to! I also knew what my choices were during labour and delivery – and what to do with my baby once she was born! I recommend Baby Rush Prenatal to everyone- Hillery is fantastic!

Amanda S.


“My husband and I were both really busy with work and knew that if we decided on taking a prenatal class there would inevitably be some classes that we would no be able to attend. Although we missed out on having a chance to meet other expecting couples we decided to have Hilllery come to our home for 2 sessions over the weekend- We were delighted with our choice. Hillary was wonderful and we fully recommend her to anyone thinking about a prenatal class. She might be young but she is very knowledgeable. She passed on a ton of information, answered all of our questions and helped us know what to expect not only with the birth but with the hospitals resources and procedures as well. She even stopped in to see us at St. Boniface when I was in labour- even though her shift was over and she should have been on her way home. I can’t say enough good things about our experiences with Hillery!!!”

Laura H.


I heard about Hillery’s class from a friend who works in Labour and Delivery who mentioned that she was doing prenatal classes. My husband Gerald and I signed up. We very much enjoyed the classes. Hillery is very excited about pregnancy, babies, and giving birth. I haven’t met someone so passionate about these topics before and this made the class enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable about the topics, and when she didn’t know the answer, she would find out. All of the information was presented in an easy to understand way, which for first time parents was really good and helped to ease some nervousness and concerns for delivery. I think having done the course really helped to make the whole delivery experience easier because we were well informed of things that would or could happen. While we were in the hospital, Hillery also came to visit us a couple times, both before and after our daughter was born and this was great because it was a familiar face and she was again very encouraging. I strongly encourage any one considering taking a prenatal course to do this one. I’ve already recommend Hillery to a friend, and they also enjoyed the course as well

Sandy P.